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Wireless Digital Bluetooth Food Thermometer (bread and meat)

Wireless Digital Bluetooth Food Thermometer (bread and meat)

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We would like to present to you this new wireless device also called Meater, that will help you not only cook and bake your meats and fish to perfection but also understand and produce the perfectly baked bread.

As you know, being a chef and having trained in some Michelin Restaurant around Europe and some Hatted restaurant in Australia we have always used thermometers for checking that our products were cooked to perfection. 

When I saw this item I was so happy because you can monitor the temperature of the product constantly from as far as 15 feet away, roughly 8mt.

This thermometer is the new hi-tech tool for bakers, chefs and home cooks that would like to have more control of their baked goods. 

Suitable for baking Sourdough, roasting meats, and smoking any cut of meat to perfection. 

I use this thermometer especially for my long worked Panettone and when I do my long smoking.


Bluetooth to connect directly with your phone or tablet to have full control of the timing and  the temperature of your goods.

No more overcooked bread or meats.

Please allow us 2 days of handling and due to new covid regulations and strict laws 20-45 days of shipping. 


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