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Triangle Proofing Basket

Triangle Proofing Basket

What’s the benefit of using rattan proofing baskets?

  • We've have introduced these brand new baskets in April 2020 – The wooden baskets are the most favourite ones for all the professional bakers.
  • The dough can breath through the form and is only in contact with a natural material, while the sensitive proofing process.
  • As well the form draws redundant water from the dough, which gives the dough and later the bread a much more stable shape.
  • The last benefit is the one that gives you the possibility to keep your sourdough cold-fermenting for longer without risking to stick to the basket.


How to use the bannetons?

Simply, generously dust the flour on the form with a sieve and put the dough in for proofing. Once you've achieved your desired stage of proof, put the dough carefully upside down on your baking tray lined with baking paper. It will keep its shape in the oven.


Please notice: Do not bake the dough inside the basket. The forms are only designed for the proofing process.

Sizes: 19 cm x 19 cm x 6 cm

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