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Rectangular Loaf  Non-Stick Bellows With Cover

Rectangular Loaf Non-Stick Bellows With Cover

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Finally arrived in Australia, the Baking tins, that will make your sandwich loaf finally work.


1. Due to many factors (such as the brightness of the display and the brightness of the light), the actual colour of the project may be slightly different from the pictures displayed on the website.

2. Please allow the manual measurement data to deviate slightly.


Feature highlights:
* 1. Very suitable for bread, bread, meat sauce, toast, cakes, etc.
*2. Non-stick heavy metals are non-corrosive, stain-resistant and dishwasher safe, and easy to maintain.
* 3. The thick gauge can dissipate heat evenly and prevent warpage.
* 4. The base has folded edges and ventilation holes to ensure that the air circulates evenly, performing into baking a  great loaf of bread every time.
* 5. The toast bread pan with a lid is non-stick inside and outside, which makes it easier to clean and extract the bread.
* 6. Technology: Reinforcement, binding and curling design: The surrounding and corners of the mould are inlaid with binding + curling reinforcement technology. Its structure is firm and firm, round and comfortable, and does not hurt your hands. The bottom vents are designed to heat evenly.
*7. Four corner binding: effectively prevent the rust of the wire in the binding of residue guide during use or cleaning.
* 8. Golden corrugation: The production process of corrugation is hardened to improve the resistance to deformation. The rugged, lightweight corrugated design improves the aesthetics of the product and helps to demould the sandwich loaf.
* 9. Instructions for use: Before use, please clean the sandwich mould, and then dry it with a paper towel. After use, use a soft cloth or soft plastic spatula to clean the residue and clean the baking mould.
Product and colour might slightly differ from the one showed in the images.

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