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Madre paper back "the 5 secrets of sourdough baking

Madre paper back "the 5 secrets of sourdough baking

Pre-order your paperback now

Take advantage of this offer by pre-ordering your copy of "Madre" the 5 secrets of sourdough baking.


Giuseppe has decided to offer you the possibility to purchase this resource Paperback for only $21.99 If you order that before the 14th of October. Place your order now.


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the 5 secrets of sourdough baking


When we speak of sourdough Giuseppe Joe Nasti, is now the one, people think about.

In this ebook, he has laid down the 5 fundamentals to bake sourdough as a master baker.

He wants to give you the perfect manual, the resource that will definitely improve your confidence in baking bread at home or at work. You will find practical and paramount steps to get the best product every time.

Important topics from how to look after your starter to the many different ways that we have for baking bread.


Know about the starter

The autolyse

The fermentation

The alchemy

The Baking


Enjoy your read and grow your baking confidence.



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