Kitchen scale with weighting from 1 gr to 40 kg

Kitchen scale with weighting from 1 gr to 40 kg

This kitchen scale is perfect for every environment where precision and heavy weight s are needed.

For example, small bakeries and home bakeries will find this scale the best companion to weight ingredients and bread dough.

Perfectly suitable for the pastry chef who needs perfect precision for those sweet preparations that require meticulous weighting.

Some of the features of this piece of equipment are high precision, heavyweight capability, the margin of error of o.oo1 gr.

The scale comes with a portable charger to recharge the lithium battery of the device. This machine will work continuously for 10 hours straight. you will basically never run out of power to make your creation.

Stainless steel weighing plate.


This semi-professional tool is perfect for you if you bake cakes, bread, sweets and if you like to cook at home and professionally in a hospitality environment.




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