HNK Turmeric & Chives

Benefits of turmeric are very known nowadays, but have you ever enjoyed them matched with the perfect and best sourdough? With my mixes, you can try and bake at home one of my most popular Sourdough and having the amazing anti-inflammatory benefits of the turmeric with the flavour of the chives. All these mixes come ready with my active sourdough culture in case you don't have your own starter.  This mix is very easy to use and it only needs water and salt to be brought to life and it only requires a short 5 minutes kneading to create your own sourdough bread.

Environmentally friendly, supplied and resourced from the best mealing company in Australia, to provide you with the healthiest and most advantageous option on the market. We aim to please our customers with the best quality of grains and flour that there is around, we know that quality will always pay off. 

We offer 30 days money-back guarantee return on every single product of our personal line.


Packaging might differ from pictures.

The product can present a slight loss of weight due to natural conditions.


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