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HNK online sourdough Master class

HNK online sourdough Master class

The HNK Sourdough master class


This course is perfect for those people who are beginners and who want to learn how to bake sourdough. it is also perfect for the experts or somebody with little experience who want to increase their knowledge baggage.


Finally available online the sourdough Master class. I personally have developed a small course that will teach you how to bake with confidence your first Artisan sourdough loaf. This is the course that I usually run physically in my location in Adelaide.


Some of the benefits you will fin in this package:


  • Full 25 minutes long tutorial on my method to make a sourdough starter.
  • Pdf materials to learn more about baking
  • Full 7 days support.
  • Free connection to my private mentorship group on Facebook
  • Q & A after you've baked your first loaf.

You are about to enter my world of baking, with my philosophies, I am sure you are going to enjoy it.


  • Pdf format and video


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