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Blades and and danish spatula

Blades and and danish spatula

The Ultimate Bakers set of tools. 

Blades, and Danish spoon.

This reliable set of tools is perfect for beginners and most advanced bakers and home cooks. 

  • A suite of whisk and lame Tool - You will receive a stainless steel dough whisk with a wooden handle and beautifully designed lame bread slashing tool, which is a must-have for bread making.
  • Easy to use - Good grip and easy to use for baking -- makes folding and mixing all ingredients much easier. Even easier to clean by just rinsing the danish dough whisks metal part with cold water.
  • Great bread mixing tool - Use bread whisk as bread spoon for mixing bread dough, cookie dough, sourdough bread, quick bread, cornbread, pancakes, french bread, biscuits, starters, or as einkorn kneading tool and so on.
  • Premium dough scoring tool - Beautifully designed lame bread slashing tool, this scoring lame will help you become a baking artist with a great experience.

For longer life and to preserve good conditions, we suggest these tools be washed by hand and not into a dishwasher.

Make sure to dry them properly before you store them.

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