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Why do you score the bread?

Once upon a time, I was asked why do bakers score their bread.

and I said: " it is all because of fashion, it is only the way people feel fancy about making their bread". I was so wrong.


It is partially true, that professional bakers shape and score their bread to keep it personal, it becomes not only an artistic pattern like in the last 5 years, but it is also their signature. You so much become your bread that, then it becomes natural to keep doing what you love and like the most.

I remember when I started shaping baguettes 5 years ago i was impressed by hose pointy ends and for that reason, I always shape the french stick very pointy, sometimes they actually seem like weapons.

The real reason is in the video below, the truth is that the bread needs to be scored to let go of the pressure, and we want to make sure that we decide where the excess gas comes out.

If you would not score your bread, it will choose the weakest point in your loaf and it will explode there.

So while scoring the bread is fancy, it is also a guideline for our dough to know where to release its pressure from.

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