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What are the benefits of eating sourdough bread?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

We all know that sourdough is tasty, crunchy and healthy, but honestly how much do we know about it.

First of all sourdough is very ancient, first sign of natural fermentation of bread are proven to be from 3000 years ago at the time of Pharaohs and Egyptians. Since then it basically stayed the same.

But let's get these benefits down on paper.

Sourdough is first of all a natural fermentation that works collecting, bacteria and enzymes from the air, for this reason it can be classified organic if used with organic ingredients. Flavour of sourdough, original sourdough is unmistakable, it tastes acidic for two main factors: acetic fermentation and lactic fermentation. These two qualities will also improve the shelf life of the product reducing chances of moulding because of the high acidity. Gut are one of the main beneficiaries of eating and baking sourdough, the reason why, this product can be considered a prebiotic and a probiotic, working similarly as

sauerkraut, kimchi or kefir water or yogurt too, thanks for the production of lactic acid.

This will help your gut bacteria to break down food and material.

What about gluten? I've heard of people who are slightly intolerant to gluten that when they eat sourdough they don't feel any issue in their stomach. This is because the sourdough culture by fermenting, breaks down some of the gluten contained into the flour. This doesn't allow you, if you have issues with gluten, to eat it too much or eat it at all, always ask your doctor before you try something which can cause you health problems.

Longer fermentation will give you a sourdough that will be able to produce vitamins of the group B, folic acid, and other nutrients such as: iron, zinc, magnesium and antioxidants.

Sourdough it's also known for its LowGi, it will help you feeling fuller for longer, without creating any spike into your blood sugar level. The versatility of the sourdough strength gives you and us the ability to produce bread with different whole grains, sprouted grains and also gluten free. One thing over all, when you purchase local or my sourdough starter or bread you are sure that the flour and grains are locally sourced and there are no additives and preservatives into the product.

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