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The stiff starter, better called pasta madre

Today I wanna explain to you why and when we need to soak our stiff starter.

The stiff starter or better called pasta madre is simply a sourdough culture, with different hydration level.

The hydration percentage may change or fluctuate between 49% and 55% depending especially on what force you use, mechanic or human.

What do we use it for???

Well, the answer lies in why do we use it? Well, the acidity level is much lower in presence of less hydrogen and carbon dioxide, which means less water basically.

It can be used for any baking good especially if you wanna keep the flavour of your end product milder and less acidic. That's why it gets used in the creation of Panettone and Pandoro, bit also doughnut, croissant and brioche doughs.

Why do we soak it?

We soak it to guarantee an even temperature during fermentation (a big volume of water takes longer to change temperature than air) and to release as much acidity as possible by diluting the acids created by the starter.

Start using it, to get some practise with it and see the benefits of it


With love Giuseppe

Check this video to learn how to make it.

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