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The importance of starting from zero (in sourdough baking)

This is mainly a practical tale. A tale of faith.

I have been so frustrated for so many years, trying to bake a loaf of bread using the sourdough method. Always failing and it was pretty annoying. If you are in the same boat please keep reading.

I've now been baking Sourdough bread for 15 years, I started when I was 19, these years have been important for my life because I've learnt to be resilient.

If you really want to test your resilience try and bake sourdough with no clue, It will be good training.

Only in the past 2-3 years, I have managed to understand the sourdough method a bit more.

What did I need to do? Well, I practised, I kept practising, luckily in restaurants where I was allowed to experiment. Yes, I acknowledge that I have been very lucky about this.

Then, one day I understood what is the main concept behind it all (I think). Many gurus say or call it bulk fermentation, in little words I call it Patience.

I understood that if I embraced patience and awareness I was able to bake everyday perfect bread.

How cool is that?

Is it that simple?

Yes, it is.

One only piece of advice for next time that you make your sourdough and you are struggling not to touch it. Leave it. Leave it to double, and then shape it.

I have almost forgotten to share with you 2 big achievement for last week. The first one is that we made it into the "The 40 hottest bread blogs on the net and we have entered here:

Second is the publishing of my book. If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, I suggest you too. If you are in Australia and desire a signed copy I could ship directly to you, once the books arrive at my location.

Have a good bake guys.


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