The best sourdough Calculator

This post is a big announcement. 🤩🤩🤩

I've finally made great progress with making a sourdough calculator to help professionals and home bakers, find out percentages, weights and multiply quantities.

I've been working on this project for a while and I wanted to give it to you for free. To show you my gratitude for following this blog, my youtube channel or my social media accounts.

The last 6 years, since I started my first website, have been a huge roller-coaster and not only that in the meant time I relocated from Mornington Peninsula to Adelaide, but I also divorced and went through a tough mental breakdown. You as my community and the passion for baking and sharing my knowledge have kept me on the edge, you have helped me to keep it together and remembered me that "this shall pass too".

Here, said this, I want to give you some guidelines of how to use my bread calculator.

First thing is to download or copy onto your google drive, or any other way you use to store your spreadsheet or excel documents, the file is available to be downloaded in different formats at this link: .

Now, make sure you have saved a copy with your own name, now you can do whatever you like with it.

I would like to show you how I use it, I've taken some screenshots to show you where to put the data and the inputs to get the best out of this digital tool.

This tab is only to give you an idea of what the measures are if you want to make pizza Focaccia or other things. I thought that giving you this information will help you make your own assessment of the number of ingredients that you would need to make your bread.

Let's go to the next tab.

In the picture above you can see 2 green blocks, these 2 green blocks are the space where you can write your own data. The top one I use to put the flour weight, and the bottom one is the block I want to use to give the software the number of portions/loaves I wanna make.

These two data will help me understand and figure out precisely the amount of ingredients I will need to make, for example; like in the image below, 20 loaves.

The reason I developed this tool is that I wanted to have a system, a shortcut that would simplify my calculations when I was in the process of making large doughs. I was always struggling to find out the right amount of flour I needed to bake for a large amount of bread, and this really helped me.

I hope that this new calculator will help you too.

If you enjoy it please share it with your friends, mates and the sourdough community.

Here you can download the calculator.

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