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The Art of falling forward

When you fail it is all about perception and acceptance. It is all about accepting that now you have failed and you can’t go back. But the past will be your master for the next fail.

If you fail do not worry anymore, that means that you have tried something new, and you have learnt something new too.

Every time I have messed up something in my life I have also learnt that if I want to improve I don’t have to repeat the same mistake twice. Imagine, thought, how hard would be for us humans not to make mistakes and not to understand why it is important to fail. Making mistakes creates a piece of history every time they happen. That piece of history will stay in your mind forever, it is your wise consciousness that every time you are going to repeat that error will tell you don’t do it.

Fail forward

Fail forward. Every time you fail forward you are going towards your goal. If you don’t have goals, make them up. Follow your dreams. No goal is achieved without falling first. Why? It is an important step, necessary to make us closer to our goal, to make us walking forward towards our destination. Our destination will be safer if achieved through lots of mistakes and failures. You’ll be ready for rejection and physical pain. But you will fail forward. The knowledge of the importance of failing will make you success. It will give you the strength and the wisdom to afford any situation that could compromise the end of your project.

Awarenessof failure

Being aware of the fail, is like being conscious that you are learning. Once you acknowledge the existence of the fall, you know you have to pick up your self, say I can do it and accept that it is necessary for the sake of It. You need to fail to be able to say I have failed, and I’m proud of what I have become through out all the failures that I lived. If I didn’t fail I wouldn’t have been able to live and love this experience with clarity. Clarity of thought is essentially for the achievement of your goal. Eventually acceptance of the bad news will lead you to the a good news, and to an even bigger appreciations.

Mistakes make you a genius.

There is no other way to become a genius, I believe as a firstly self thought chef, if I am able to identify somebody doing a mistakes much earlier of their forecast, just because I have been in that situation many times earlier and by my self, alone, experimenting new things and new approaches to food. The same happened when started to this blog, if I read my first articles I can see the very low amount of experience, but now after more than a year and with roughly 100 articles being written I am more fluent and self conscious of what I write. I have been able to use my mistakes wisely to strengthen my writing skill, my communication skill, and it is something that is going to bring me closer to my dream of writing a best seller.

Imagine all the scientist, which have been trying and trying for years to discover the origin of Universe, they have all been working hard, and never in the history of humans the word has had such a huge technological improvement and discovery. Fifty years ago the television was black and white, I remember my grandma, now I can see my children taking their device with them and carry the movie with them, we can read a book from a device etc. Humanity has achieved so many discoveries in the last century that we can’t even imaging how many times that must have failed to create the devices that we posses now, the cars, the planes, the music, the art etc.

They say That Edison ( using the Tesla technology) tried roughly 10.000 times before he invented the light bulb. Imaging that as a number of failures, but he never gave up, he had a vision, probably money driven, but he had a vision. And he achieved because every mistake was taking him closer to the bulb.

Here we are now trying to see mistakes from a positive point of view, trying to understand that nothing happens for the sake of it. But everything has a meaning. Everything, and there is not a day In my life that I don’t believe that everything is just perfect the way it is. And just look up in the sky and appreciate the stars, the solar system , Earth, it all looks just so perfect that I have started to allow my self to be driven by Universe will, with its mistakes or intuitions, I have started to be carried by It.

Allow your self to make mistake, learn from them and go forward. I wanted to write this article because I want you to understand that given up Is not the way we are meant to achieve our goals, we are meant to fight for what we deserve, so we are able to enjoy the journey, if you don’t enjoy the journey the prize will be worthless, tasteless.

Push today, pick up your self, and work your ass off, more than you did yesterday, be able to understand that you are getting closer and closer to your goal every time you commit a mistake.

Good luck, I’m here for any other information or motivational advise you’ll need.

Comment below for suggestion and advise. I’m happy to hear from any of you.

With love and Passion

Giuseppe Nasti

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