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Sourdough for dummies

Do you want to start baking your first sourdough, and be successful straight away?

Yes off course, I want- you are probably saying. I’m sick of baking bread that comes out doughy and super dense.

So the only tip you need is to try the following recipe that I have developed in years of practises for all my beginners students.


  1. 1000g Strong flour

  2. 680 g warm water

  3. 560gr starter ( you can find how to make your starter here)

  4. 20 gr salt

  5. 10 gr malt or raw sugar.

Follow these steps and you will be successful at the first attempt.

Mix into a bowl or with a mixing machine:

Flour, 600 gr of water, and the malt.

Mix them for only 3-5 minutes, just long enough to get the ingredients properly mixed together and start the autolyse.

Rest the dough covered or wrapped for 30 minutes.

In the mean time grab your bubbly alive starter and mix it with 80 gr of water.

Add this mixture Into the dough and mix for another 5 minutes.

Rest the dough for 10 minutes and add the salt. Mix or knead for 5 more minutes and put the dough in a slightly oiled bowl or container.

Now the dough could already be portioned and shaped to become bread, and if so you can do that. But if you feel more courageous and confident you can try the folding procedure which actually helps the bread develop a bubbly airy structure.

If you want to procede with the folding:

Wrap the dough on it self from every direction in sequence. Repeat this procedure for as much as you like with intervals of 10 minutes. This resting time is necessary for the bread to relax. I’ll suggest to do it at least 5 times. At the end rest it for 1 hour. You can check this video to understand the folding procedure.

Now that you have your fluffy dough it’s time to shape it and put it to prove Into the fridge or if you want to bake the same day you can leave it out until it doubles in size and bake it.

If you put it into the fridge, procede as follow:

Take the bread out of the banneton and put it on your tray ready for the oven. Dust some flour and score as you like, that is your signature so start doing your own pattern.

Put the tray In the oven, spray the bread with some water and turn the oven to 250°C.

When the oven reaches that temperature spray it again generously. If you have done 500 gr loaf or cob, bake for 35 minutes. If it is 1 kg bake it for an hour. Make sure that the bread has a nice crust and that when you tap the bottom it sounds hollow.

There you are if you have followed these simple tips, ingredients and steps, you have definitely achieved a very fragrant, tasty, light sourdough.

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Until the next bake, take care


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