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Sourdough for beginners

This post is for all beginners, sourdough bakers and sourdough dreamers. Keep reading to become successful faster than what you have ever imagined before.

Follow these next lines to the letter, but also have a bit of flexibility into understanding that there might be some slight changes in relation to the environment.

Step one is to obtain a healthy, active sourdough:

1)purchasing one onto any website (legit) 2)asking some to one of your friends or bakers 3)making one following a youTube channel like mine.

-Mix all ingredients required by the recipe all at once, as a beginner you don't have to wait for different steps to add your ingredients at different stages.

-Wait until it doubles, or proves about 2/3 of the volume before you shape it for baking.

-Baking can be done as soon as after 30-45 minutes after shaping the dough.

I always suggest baking, if you have the opportunity, into a Dutch oven or a baking vessel where your sourdough would easily fit.

My suggested water percentage is 65% for beginners. 650ml water for 1 kg flour.

Beginner recipe: 90 % flour 20%starter 65% water 2.8% salt

Easy peasy.

Please share this one on different pages if you think is going to help a beginner or dreaming baker getting started on their sourdough journey.

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