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Pao de Queijo with Sourdough Starter - Brazilian Cheesy Bread

This week we’re taking a journey to Brasil, making the wonderful Pão de Queijo or cheese bread.

This bread is traditionally made with tapioca flour, water and lots of cheese. Giuseppe learnt from a colleague, Lucas, who also makes great Youtube video with his wife, Dany, on their channel ‘Casal na Gringa’.

We’ve given this traditional recipe a HNK twist, using a sourdough starter. The recipe will need:

- 500g of tapioca flour (gluten-free)

- 150g of starter

- 180g water (it might require more but we suggest to start with this)

- 250g Philadelphia cream cheese

- Salt and pepper to taste

Start by mixing the water and tapioca together and then the rest of the ingredients. It will be quite a crumbly texture before you roll them into logs. You can then form 60-80g balls. Bake in the oven at 180°C for 25-40 minutes.

Consume them while they’re still warm and they’ll be soft and delicious.

Once you’ve nailed this basic recipe you can play around with different types of cheese—maybe try pecorino or gorgonzola!


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