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Making Sourdough Ciabatta

In today’s blog we’re going to show you how to make a traditional, Italian Ciabatta. In Italy, we love to use ciabatta to make sandwiches with delicious fillings like prosciutto and cheese, rocket and parmesan, bresaola.

But this tutorial isn’t about making the dough, it’s about how to cut the dough to make ciabatta.

Once you’ve made your dough you want to put it in a container—square or rectangle will work best. Essentially what we do is to start with a surface generously dusted with flour, we then tip the dough from its container onto the work bench.

Once it is lying flat you can decide whether you want to cut the do lengthways or widthways. Widthway works best if you want to create nice little rolls for lunches, lengthways is great for preparing long baguette-style rolls.

Place the rolls in the oven at around 235°C for 20 minutes.


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