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Lemon infused oil, for your breads or for your salad dressings

Lemon skins

I am making a lemon infused oil.

I'm boiling the skins 6 times from cold water to boiling water, changing the water at every step.

After this process, all bitterness has gone and what we are left with is pure aroma and meaty skins.

At this point I blend 80 gr of Lemon skins and 1 lt of grapeseed oil at 50⁰C in the thermo mix at speed 7 for 5 minutes.

Then I let it sit over night.

The day after I filter it with a cotton cloth extracting all the oil from the skins.

This is my way of making lemon infused oil.

Stay tuned to see the use of this complementary ingredient of one of our next dishes Likuid Espresso

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