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How to finally make croissant

Today's video will show the most important steps to make a nice flaky sourdough croissant.

Rich in butter and deep in flavour.

What are the most important things to know when we make a sourdough croissant?

First thing is to select the best butter that you can find on the market, Once you have the butter half of the job is done, now you will have to produce a dough with the recipe down below, let it prove until it doubles and then you can start laminating the dough with butter.

One thing important to remember is that the butter doesn't have to melt. Important!!!!

When I laminate my dough with the butter I make sure that I keep the thickness evenly and the butter cold enough to be able to be handle but not to break.

That it is the only difficulties into making croissant.

Follow the video until the end to learn every single step.

This is the recipe that I use.


50 gr sourdough

50 gr sugar

300 gr liquid (2 eggs and the rest milk)

435 gr flour

8 gr salt

For the lamination, you will need 276 gr of butter.

The rest is simple, watch the video and you will see great things.

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