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Hidden truth for a healthy life. Raw vegan diet. 

The benefits of eating raw fruit and vegetables.

Eat life stay alive

This quote is actually talking about the fact that if you eat raw elements (fruit🍍🥝🍉🍒🍌 and vegetable🌶🍅🍋🥑🌽🌱, nuts🌰🥜and seeds, seeweed and berries) you are nourishing your body for real with living ingredient. The nutrients of raw food are much more compared to the same food cooked (I defined it as dead), and for this simple but forgotten reason we could live longer, stronger and better. Nourishing our body, is something very simple. We have forgotten how to feed our self because we have been distracted by environment we are living in and consequently by our life style, we don’t know what we really need. We have lost the ability to listen to our body and instincts. In all these centuries and decades human beings have gone trough  a long forwarding evolution’s path but the evolution of feeding  has gone lost, We have lost basics fundamental of well being and living:

  1. Food

  2. Love

  3. Spirit

  4. Meditation

  5. Exercise

  6. Rest

What does actually give us the Organic Raw vegan diet?

Organic Raw vegan diet is beneficial for few important things in our body.

  1. Enzymes

  2. Natural healthy bacteria

  3. Vitamins

  4. Minerals

  5. Clean water

  6. Detoxification

  7. Cleansing our body

  8. Nourishes

These things all togheter with your beliefs, Sunlight, open air, laugh and positivity, will give you the chance to survive with probably not catching any cold, flue, allergy or a cancer.

It’s important that you understand that by starting to alkaline your body prevents you from getting sick with common viral illnesses like candida, and also other sexual transmitted viruses.

All of this happens also because your ORVD (Organic Raw Vegan Diet), it’s the safest way to clean your colon. Your colon is actually the first place where all the illness starts. Our guts must be clean and healthy to support a good happy smiling life.

This is why people say “We are what we eat” .

Enzymes and good bacteria that we don’t kill while cooking the food help our intestine to work, and stay healthy. They move down and help the gut to destroy the food and take out all the nutrients that we need, from the food that has not been completely broken down in the stomach.

Come on!!! Give your self the possibility to live a long and healthy life and enjoy the beauty of this planet, helping your self and helping the 🌏 Earth. You won’t fear anymore cancer and other terrible diseases.

I’m using Internet to help people and to  tell everything  I know about this matter. This is what makes me happy, I can feel it and   I want to share my beliefs with you. I think it’s important that sometimes someone spends a bit of time to help those who don’t know. This is also how I’ve got to know all this informations.

with passion and love

Giuseppe Nasti


Will follow new posts about this matter.

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