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Enjoy the journey

We always think about the future forgetting everyday that the only time we physically live in, is this. This moment.

This moment is the most precious, this moment is the only moment where you need to be happy, this moment is your diamond. Take it it’s yours. Don’t forget that everything you experience and feel is happening now. Not yesterday not tomorrow. Just now.

It is very important that we understand to appreciate the journey to get to our dreams, because once you’ll get there another goal will come up to your heart and you will wish to go back in time and enjoy the journey.

Enjoying the journey is important to accomplish everything. All your dreams and goals need a journey, during the journey you’ll acquire all you need to get your final goal accomplished. It will come quicker and with less stress if you will enjoy it being aware of living it while you are building it. It will make you feel alive.

Enjoying what you do everyday will make you feel happy, and accomplished. That’s the secret. Don’t procrastinate and say; ok I’ll start tomorrow. Just do it. Experience it now, Happiness is inside you, Santa is not going to bring it to you, remember it is already inside your heart, what the prophets have said in the past is true. We are our own happiness and unhappiness, so I believe, because we have the power of choosing what we want, that we have to make an effort to believe in our happiness.

Living the journey in unpleasant times, acknowledging that you can shift your mood, just for example saying: today I’ve learnt how to identify unhappiness and I have shift my mood, are going to give you the feelings that you improved your day.

How can you enjoy your journey?

It is simple and there is a quote which gives you the perfect equation to achieve it.

Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.

Rachel Ann Nunes

I believe it is very simple to follow and very achievable.

I know what future holds, it holds what I dearly want, what I make it become my obsession. But if I don’t enjoy the journey it doesn’t have any meaning. This amazing life has nothing less than amazing unforgettable moments to live, take the most out of it. Grasp every single nice bite of it. Listen to every single note of the music of your walk on the path of your existence. Make your life count, not for you, but for those who are around you. Become memorable. Be true and honest to your self. Be unique, distinguish your self from the masses.

Love love love. Give it, receive it, give it. It is a circle, the circle of life.

Remember from now on to enjoy every bit of your life. Don’t leave anything behind. You won’t regret what you did, you’ll regret what you didn’t do.

With love and passion.

Giuseppe Nasti

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